Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law promotes cooperation, not confrontation. Lawyers, mediators and other professionals help both parties find a resolution to disputes.

Collaborative Family Law is a very positive way to resolve divorce conflicts. It’s more about collaboration than confrontation, and promotes problem solving in an effort to come to agreements. Two lawyers, working with others, like mental health professionals, help the two parties come to an agreement on all issues. Collaborative lawyers, along with the couple, find and focus on common interests, understand concerns, exchange information, and explore a wide range of possible options. The intended goal of collaborative law is to find solutions that make both parties happy.

Prior to beginning the collaborative law process both parties and collaborative lawyers sign a contract that they will not go to court during this process. If the collaborative law process does not work out for them, they must completely restart the divorce process with new lawyers.

At RCMV Family Lawyers, Alison J. Chicklowski is a member of the Collaborative Law Association of Alberta.