Mediation is a great way to reduce the cost and the emotional toll of a divorce. A neutral mediator works with both parties to find a resolution that satisfies everyone.

Where negotiation has not been successful, many parties find it worthwhile to retain a mediator. The mediator aims to help the parties themselves find a “win-win” solution, where everyone is satisfied with the result. Mediation can be very useful in easing tension and encouraging discussion between divorcing parties.

Mediation can be a very successful tool. In fact, the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench requires support disputes be referred to a a one-hour mediation before they will consider an application; a cost that is shared between both parties.

The mediator cannot force either party to settle the dispute or to accept a particular solution, and participation in mediation is always voluntary. All but one of our family lawyers are trained mediators, and all of our lawyers are experienced at representing clients during mediations.